With the release of Midsommar, we wonder if adult-oriented summer counter-programming even works anymore, or if the summer drama is another victim of the streaming paradigm shift. We’re also discussing the first trailer for the live-action Mulan remake, and Jake Gyllenhaal’s off-kilter turn as Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. After failing to become an action hero in his own right, Jake G built his career around cinematic weirdoes, and now everything comes full circle as a comic book movie taps him to play a weirdo villain. Join us as we gush over Florence Pugh and follow Jake G’s career path through the weird weeds.

Here’s Kayleigh on Jake G’s wonderful Instagram: https://www.pajiba.com/celebrities_are_better_than_you/an-ode-to-jake-gyllenhaal-and-his-surprisingly-wonderful-instagram-account.php

And here is Sarah on Midsommarhttps://www.laineygossip.com/ari-asters-midsommer-starring-florence-pugh-movie-review/56004

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