Emily Blunt is Sidelined Action Heroine in Sicario

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sicario posterI FINALLY caught up with Sicario after it managed to avoid me for a couple weeks, and while I’m glad I saw it, it did not blow me away. It’s a highly competent movie featuring highly competent actors, made by a bunch of highly competent people, but it’s only intermittently engaging and it does not offer any ideas or insights deeper than your average Nightline special. Directed by Denis Villeneuve (Prisoners, Enemy) and starring Emily Blunt, Sicario is basically Steven Soderbergh’s Traffic with a dash of Michael Mann’s inscrutability. With Roger Deakins working as the director of photography, this is a gorgeous movie to look at, and Villeneuve puts together a few really tense action sequences, but in between the action beats the film is curiously flat, with characters who are all so painfully cool—and one who is epically dumb—that they’re more like ideas of people dreamed up by a sixteen year old boy who thinks CIA agents and hitmen are like, totally awesome. Continue reading

Fall Movie Preview: October 2015

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October 2


Ellen Page and Julianne Moore star in this based-on-a-true-story about a terminally ill police officer trying to leave her pension to her partner despite everyone in her crappy New Jersey town being a bigot. The movie is set just ten years ago. Kind of mind blowing.


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Festival Coverage: TIFF 2015

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I was lucky enough to attend the Toronto International Film Festival and see a bunch of movies—seriously, 17 in 6 days—which I reviewed over at LaineyGossip.com. If you missed any of my (stellar, superb, and other superlatives) TIFF coverage, you can find my reviews here:

About Ray

The Assassin

Beasts of No Nation Continue reading

Cooties is an odd-ball horror/comedy that excels at neither

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Cooties_posterI have generally enjoyed Elijah Wood’s post-Lord of the Rings career as he’s largely retreated into genre and takes on interesting and offbeat projects like Wilfred and the Maniac remake—both of which are good, as is last year’s Grand Piano—but his latest movie, Cooties, of which he is both producer and star, is not up to his usual standard of oddball fare. (He also has movies with Vin Diesel AND Nicolas Cage coming up, which means that either he’s taking “ironic performance” to whole new levels or that LOTR money is running low.) Cooties is a zombie movie with the twist that it’s set at an elementary school and the kids are the only ones affected by a zombie virus outbreak, leaving their beleaguered teachers to fend them off or die trying. Continue reading

Fall Movie Preview: September 2015

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Goodbye summer movie season, hello awards season.

September 4

A Walk in the Woods

My parents want to see this.


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Straight Outta Compton is half incendiary history, half rote biopic

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Straight_Outta_Compton_posterThe first half of Straight Outta Compton is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. Tense, incendiary, tightly directed by F. Gary Gray (Law Abiding Citizen, The Italian Job) and beautifully acted by an ensemble cast fronted by Corey Hawkins (Non-Stop), Jason Mitchell (Contraband), and O’Shea Jackson, Jr. (Ice Cube’s actual son), Compton is fierce and unrelenting and explosive. …Until it downshifts about halfway through and becomes a chronicle of contract disputes, and then it loses all momentum and limps across the finish line, hobbled by a genre it outstripped within the first twenty minutes. It’s a worthwhile movie for a lot of reasons, and definitely worth seeing even if you don’t care about the history of rap, but the lame second half throws a big bucket of ice water over the fire and rage of the legitimately brilliant first half. Continue reading

Summer Movie Preview: August 2015

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August 7

Cop Car

A group of punk kids steal a sheriff’s car and he then pursues them like a lunatic. Looks awesome.


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