Introducing the Winter Soldier: The creation of a truly terrifying Marvel villain

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captain-america-the-winter-soldier-poster-buckyA couple weeks ago film critic Matt Zoller Seitz wrote a plea for fellow critics to include discussions of form in their film reviews, to at least mention how the language of film is helping or hindering the movie being reviewed. It was an eloquent point well made, and also apropos of what I want to talk about in re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. I’ve already reviewed the movie (available here and spoiler free), so what I want to get into now that we can talk about stuff without people yelling SPOILERS (seriously, if you haven’t seen it, stop reading now) is how all of the elements of filmmaking worked together to bring to life the Winter Soldier, the most memorable, bone-crunchingly scary villain in the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet. Continue reading

Fashion Friday Fun Post: The Women of Mad Men

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The Mad Men season 7 premiere was in LA and the various ladies in Don Draper’s life came out to play. They didn’t all win, but they all played. Let’s do this alphabetically, starting with Alison Brie in Marchesa. Surprise—a Marchesa I don’t hate. It reminds me of Oscar de la Renta’s embroidered dresses this spring (though they’re a lot better than this Marchesa number), and while I wish Brie had styled it a little more, it fits nicely and she looks nice, so it’s nice. Continue reading

Spring Movie Preview: April 2014

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April 2

Dom Hemingway

I don’t have time to write a full review, so here’s a quickie—this is the most I’ve enjoyed Jude Law in a really long time. His performance as the reprehensible Dom is engaging and likeable even as you cringe at how awful he is. Law is better than the movie itself, but it’s a solid alternative to the studio films that loom large over the month. Also, it took me half the movie to recognize the charming actress who plays Dom’s daughter as the Khaleesi herself, Emilia Clarke. She looks SO different without her Daenerys hair.


Continue reading

Noah is grand, ambitious, messy

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noah-movie-posterThere is a lot to admire in Darren Aronofsky’s big-budget, large-scale epic, Noah. There’s so much to admire, in fact, that it’s hard to call it a bad movie, even if parts of it feel shoe-horned in and it’s overblown and it’s not particularly fun to watch. And no, I don’t mean that every movie has to be upbeat and positive in order to be good. 12 Years a Slave was not upbeat but I was never bored or disengaged by it. At points in Noah, I was checking my metaphorical watch (because seriously, who wears a watch anymore?) because it was about twenty minutes too long and the pacing was slightly too uneven to affix my interest for the entire run time. Continue reading

Fashion Friday Fun Post: Emma Watson is CRUSHING it

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Over the course of the week, while pimping Noah, Emma Watson dressed for everything from daytime events to formal premieres and she knocked every look out of the park. It was a crazy run from someone who already has a high bar for fashion—she basically completed a sartorial Iron Man. Let’s break it down. Continue reading

The Grand, Grand Budapest

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grand_budapest_hotelWes Anderson is not for everyone. At this point, his films are an acquired taste, and there’s enough of a body of work for people to make up their minds whether they like the brand of hand-made, exquisitely carved life-sized doll houses he’s selling (if you told me a major director was also a serial killer, my first guess would be Wes Anderson). I happen to be an avid Anderson fan, but I don’t argue with people who aren’t. His bouts of whimsy are prone to self-indulgence, and his austere emotionalism can be hard to connect with. He’s a tremendous filmmaker but he isn’t invincible—The Life Aquatic is self-indulgent, The Darjeeling Limited is just plain bad. Still, Wes Anderson on his worst day is better than 98% of working directors on their best.

Continue reading

Fashion Friday Fun Post: The Winter Soldier premiere, Europe edition

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We’re back for another one of these thingies! With, hopefully, better organized/easier to view photos. Over the week the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier hit up premieres in Paris and London, and we have a lot to talk about.


Hayley Atwell showed up to the London premiere, wearing grey, bedazzled Julien McDonald and even though I am pretty much over the cut-out trend, this dress works. Partly it’s because Atwell has the body for tit cut-outs, but it’s also just a very flattering dress that is not over-styled. Solid hair and makeup, love the pop of red from the shoes, but this is a lot of dress and Atwell lets it speak for itself (and all it says is TITS). Continue reading


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