If you didn’t like Kick Ass, we can’t be friends.

The guy sitting next to me hated Kick Ass. He made sure everyone around him knew how much he hated it. By the time the movie ended, I wanted to throw my drink at him. I get it, dude. You don’t like the movie. But I do, so shut the fuck up and let me enjoy it.

Kick Ass created that sort of polarity in audiences, though. Though the reviews were generally positive, there was vocal protest over the profanity and violence in the film. Mostly this was due to Hit Girl (played by thirteen-year-old (500) Days of Summer actress Chloe Grace Moretz), an eleven-year-old superhero/assassin who spews foul words and bullets with wild abandon. One minute pig-tailed and princess-shirted, the next getting shot by her father Big Daddy (Nicolas Cage, in a rare energized performance) so she can learn to take a bullet, Hit Girl is a little discomfiting, but then, she’s supposed to be. Hit Girl sacrifices her childhood to seek revenge against the drug dealer who ruined her family. And you know what? That’s every kid’s fantasy. Maybe not the ninja-assassin/drug dealer part, but to have the power to control your world and dish out justice to those who wrong you. Why do you think comic books and fantasy stories are so popular with kids? Because it’s all about having the power to take care of yourself, and when you’re a child subject to the whims of every adult around you, all you want to do is blast apart any adult who tells you “no” with lightning bolts from your fingertips. Continue reading “If you didn’t like Kick Ass, we can’t be friends.”