When your eyes hate you so much they bleed

I may have finally reached my limit for “how many awful movies can I see before my eyeballs explode” on Saturday. Saturday night, after seeing both Battle: LA and Red Riding Hood a blood vessel ruptured in my eye and turned my eyeball red and disgusting. I was barely out of my seat after Red Riding Hood when the burning started and my eyeballs rebelled. The upside was it sidelined me for most of Sunday and I finally got to watch ESPN’s fantastic 30 for 30 documentary on Michigan’s Fab Five. The lesson of this review is 1) yes, your eyeballs actually can explode after viewing too many bad movies and 2) even if you don’t like basketball (I don’t), that ESPN doc about Chris Webber et al is really good. Dual review! Continue reading “When your eyes hate you so much they bleed”