Conan, The Tonight Show, and the debacle at NBC.

By now you’ve heard Conan O’Brien has thrown down the gauntlet to NBC. Either they leave The Tonight Show in its original time slot of 11:35 PM EST (after the late local news), or he leaves the show. Here is Conan’s statement. It’s funny, honest, and classy. That’s Conan for you.

He seemed willing to take this mess in stride, poking fun at his tenuous position and basically behaving like any person faced with an imminent and inevitable sacking that is damn well undeserved. He is not taking this fuckery lying down. His opening monologues the last few nights have been scathing, if delivered with a smile. And he’s been sure to let you know where is problem lies–with NBC and Jay Leno, whose unwillingness to let go has caused most of this debacle. Continue reading “Conan, The Tonight Show, and the debacle at NBC.”