Justified season 2 ends with a sad sigh


There was something so unbearably sad about the season finale of Justified season 2. From start to finish you could feel hope sliding away from Raylan, even if he wasn’t quite aware that it was happening. The episode started off on a high, hopeful note—Winona revealed that she’s pregnant. Raylan (Timothy Olyphant, who is going to need to win some hardware for this at some point) reacts as expected—overcome, overjoyed, scared shitless. With one line Olyphant communicates Raylan’s nerves and excitement at the prospect of having a child with Winona. But almost immediately Winona begins shitting on Raylan’s joy. If he can’t get out of the field, either by transferring to the US Marshal’s field-training facility in Glynco or by quitting the service all together, she’ll leave him. Continue reading “Justified season 2 ends with a sad sigh”