Stupid Shane creates a moral morass


Episode two of The Walking Dead’s second season ended with Stupid Shane and Otis The Fat Cannibal trapped in the high school from which they were scavenging medical supplies to save Carl’s life. Episode three dealt with their escape from the zombie horde surrounding the high school. In the process of escaping, Shane injured his leg and was hampered by a sprained ankle while Otis was hampered by being a fat cannibal. We cut from Shane and Otis fleeing the horde to Shane arriving, alone, back at the Farm of Doom with the supplies to save Carl’s life just in the nick of time. “Otis?” Herchel asks. Shane just shakes his head. The episode began with an in media res scene of Shane shaving his head, and in the final scene we go back to him shaving his head and thinking back on his escape with Otis. And we see that Shane, in order to free himself of the zombie horde, shot Otis in the leg and then fought with Otis when he violently objected to being shot. Shane is shaving his head to cover up the fact that Otis tore a chunk of his hair out as they fought. Continue reading “Stupid Shane creates a moral morass”

Short notes and brief thoughts: Round 2

Updating my biggest summer grosses list

Originally I thought that the top five grosses of the summer would belong to Transformers 3, Harry Potter 7-2, The Hangover Part II, Cars 2 and Super 8. However, Cars 2 and Super 8 have not met my expectations ($250 million + for Cars 2 and $220 million for Super 8), so I am reconsidering my list. I’m sticking with my top three and changing out the final two. It crushes me to do this, because the movie sucked so bad, but I’m going to have to put Pirates of the Caribbean: Arr give me your money on the list. It’s already made more than $237 million. I’m so depressed right now.

The updated Top Five:

Transformers 3

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2

The Hangover Part II

Pirates of the Caribbean: Arr give me your money Continue reading “Short notes and brief thoughts: Round 2”

Leaving the Dead in the rear view

I was sad to see it go. Because while The Walking Dead can certainly continue to be awesome, there’s nothing like the first time. It can never be like this again. It will never feel so new, so surprising as before. From now on, there are Expectations. Now that we know how The Walking Dead can be, we will expect it to always be that way. There’s only one first time, and nothing is ever like it. Continue reading “Leaving the Dead in the rear view”

The Walking Dead episode 1: Instant zombie classic

Well, the pilot episode anyway. Last night AMC aired the first entry in a six-episode season of The Walking Dead, Frank Darabont’s (Shawshank Redepmtion) adapation of Robert Kirkman’s comic book series. The show was greenlit last year and the countdown began to the first mainstream zombie television show. A sizzle reel was shown at Comic Con in San Diego this last summer and the hype whipped to a near-frenzy. Shot on location in and around Atlanta, GA, that early footage looked so good it was almost like dreaming. The hype continued to build and as reviews came out throughout October, it turned into a fanboy (and girl) frenzy, with zombie-survival enthusiasts writing epic love poems to a show they hadn’t even seen yet all over the internet. Continue reading “The Walking Dead episode 1: Instant zombie classic”