The Hurt Locker and how movies age

If you haven’t gathered from reading this site, my friends and I pretty much all work in entertainment and media, except for B, who is a money manager, but his client list is, um, identifiable. But apart from B, we’re all in “the business” in some respect. So, naturally, a lot of our conversations are movie/entertainment based. As Cannes unfurls on the shores of the Riviera (you can read my preview, complete with outrageously early Oscar prediction, on LaineyGossip), we are, naturally, talking about movies and the relevancy of the festival launch for the prestige pics, which then devolved into the best festival finds of the last dozen years (since any of us were old enough to 1) understand and pay attention to festivals and 2) go to festivals). Which lead to me saying this, “You know what movie totally slid under my radar during festival season? The Hurt Locker in 2008.” Continue reading “The Hurt Locker and how movies age”