Was it just me, or did it take 10 years to watch the Oscars?

Frak that was a long broadcast! It just kept going and going… I remember last year’s show being kinda snappy except for a couple draggy parts, but this year–yikes. It was like the whole thing was being filtered through molasses, it was so slooooooooow. Highlight: Neil Patrick Harris’s sparkly tuxedo and opening number. Lowlight: Neil Patrick Harris wasn’t the host. Why two opening bits? As much as I like NPH, as he wasn’t the host, was his opening song and dance necessary? It was an extra five minutes we didn’t need. Either hire NPH to host, or don’t have him do an opening before the actual hosts come out and do *another* opening. Highlight: Robert Downey, Jr., Tina Fey, and Ben Stiller proving that genuinely entertaining people can be entertaining. Lowlight: the modern dance presentation of the Best Original Score nominees. It just proved how much everyone hates modern dance. Highlight: Sandra Bullock and Christoph Waltz giving genuine, gracious speeches. Lowlight: that lady I’ve never heard of totally Kanye’d that guy I’ve never heard of when he won an Oscar for a short documentary I’ve never heard of. Continue reading “Was it just me, or did it take 10 years to watch the Oscars?”