Spring Movie Preview: March 2016

Out of the doldrums at last!

March 4

Knight of Cups


Terrence Malick’s latest, which looks like it will only be interesting to fans of Malick (like me). But it did give us this bananas story from Thomas Lennon, about what it’s like to work with Malick.

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Managing Comic Con disappointment

Yesterday while sifting through the last bit of Comic Con panels and interviews, I came across this vlog from Beyond The Trailer’s Grace Randolph. Here, have a look:

I don’t say this to pick on Randolph, but her video condensed everything that bugged me about the aura of entitlement that has grown to surround Comic Con and which manifested strongly this year after Saturday in Hall H, when no major announcements were made by Warner Brothers/DC or Marvel. I’m just using Randolph’s video because she clearly articulates a number of issues that I think fans are going to have to get straight with before next year’s Comic Con. Continue reading “Managing Comic Con disappointment”