Summer Move Preview: May 2018

May 4


A gender-swapped remake of the Goldie Hawn/Kurt Russell screwball comedy reveals the real issue with Overboard is not a man lying to a woman with a traumatic brain injury, it’s ANYONE lying to ANYBODY with a traumatic brain injury.

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Summer Movie Preview: August 2017

August 4

Brigsby Bear


Best known for writing the weird and frequently cut sketches on SNL, Kyle Mooney now moves up to feature film, with this movie about a sweet odd dude who learns a devastating truth and turns to a childhood show for comfort. More or less. Brigsby Bear is both more complex than the trailer makes it seem, and simpler. It is, though, a strong debut for Mooney as a features writer, even if the high concept doesn’t quite pan out.

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Summer Movie Preview: August 2013

Last month of summer movies, and we’re finishing with one of the best—Edgar Wright’s The World’s End—one of the few originals, Elysium, and one of the most promising sequels, Kick-Ass 2. There’s also a bunch of random Wednesday releases this month.

August 2

2 Guns

Alternate title: 2 Men Who Are Very Secure in Their Manhoods, No Seriously, We’re Not Compensating for Anything.

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Summer Movie Preview: June 2011

June 3

Beautiful Boy

Michael Sheen and Maria Bello star in one of the most depressing movies ever made. Sheen and Bello star as parents trying to pick up the pieces after their son (Kyle Gallner, A Nightmare on Elm Street) commits a mass-murder on his school campus. I love Sheen and Gallner, and Bello is always good in stuff like this, but there’s no way I’m seeing this movie.

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