The Trip is so worth it

I start this off by confessing that I’m a huge Steve Coogan (Tropic Thunder, The Other Guys) fan. Back in my comedy days, Coogan was a comedian all the other comedians knew. He’s not a traditional stand-up, but he’d been doing a character called Alan Partridge on various BBC shows and specials since the nineties. Everyone seemed to know Alan Partridge but me, so I made it my business to find out, and I ended up falling in love with Coogan’s comedy. He’s a genius. He can do anything. Hackey stuff like voices and impressions but also the really high-minded, long-con style jokes that only the smartest and best-prepared comedians can pull off. His one-liners are brutal and quick. Nothing is beyond his grasp. I actually screamed like a tween when he popped up in Around the World in 80 Days, opposite Jackie Chan. FINALLY, Steve Coogan was crossing the pond. Continue reading “The Trip is so worth it”