Best of the Summer 2014: Snowpiercer

snowpiercer-international-posterIt’s not like this is a hard call. Summer 2014 is some weak-ass shit, as far as movies are concerned. The best movie up till now was X-Men: Days of Future Past, a well-made and very fun movie that made no fucking sense. But now it is now, not then, and now we have the first—only—truly great summer movie of 2014: Bong Joon-ho’s long awaited Snowpiercer. And boy oh boy, it’s a DOOZY.

The rest of the world got Snowpiercer last year, but thanks to Harvey Weinstein and his Scissors of Doom, most English-speaking territories had to wait for it, left to wonder if what we would eventually see would be Bong’s vision or Harvey Scissorhands’ trimmed down, dumbed-down edit. The good news is that Weinstein, after a protracted, played-out-in-the-press battle, gave up and agreed to release Bong’s original cut. The bad news is, he opted to give Snowpiercer a drastically reduced limited release and then proceeded to do no promotion for the movie. It would live or die by word of mouth, but this is a great movie, and word of mouth has been great, which is translating into solid box office. Justice! Continue reading “Best of the Summer 2014: Snowpiercer”

The Snowpiercer Saga Part IV: Maybe Harvey is losing?

snowpiercer_posterFor months now we’ve known about South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s ongoing negotiations with Harvey Weinstein over the final cut of his highly anticipated film, Snowpiercer. You can revisit the saga here, here and here. Now, in a new interview with Twitch Film, Bong discusses Snowpiercer and the delicate dance to arrive at a satisfactory cut for North American audiences (because the obvious answer to all of this—just release the film as-is—is apparently too much to ask for). Continue reading “The Snowpiercer Saga Part IV: Maybe Harvey is losing?”

Update on The Snowpiercer Saga: Maybe it’s not being hacked to bits

In my (one sided) conversation with Harvey Weinstein about potential and potentially large cuts being made to South Korean director Bong Joon-ho’s Snowpiercer—a record-breaking smash hit in South Korea—I concluded by pointing out that in going after a film that was already being well received internationally and was on many cinephile’s must see lists, Weinstein was turning what should have been a conversation between him and Bong into an international Weinstein vs. Everyone melee. I wondered if the pressure from around the world, beginning with Trevor Ryan, a film festival programmer, and ending with irate fans on the internet, would be enough to back Harvey off the ledge. Continue reading “Update on The Snowpiercer Saga: Maybe it’s not being hacked to bits”

The Snowpiercer Saga: Please put down the scissors, Harvey

That’s it. Easy now. Why don’t you just put those scissors down and back away—slowly!—from Snowpiercer before you do something you’ll regret. Just put down the scissors and let’s talk about this.

Yes, I know, Harvey. I know that Comedy Farts and Comedy Farts II: Diarrhea Smells have been big hits. And you’re right, they do just keep cranking out Zoom Zoom Cars over and over, and even the “good” ones aren’t particularly good. It is distressing, Harvey. I can see you’re very upset. So let’s just sit down now, and talk this out. Okay?


Continue reading “The Snowpiercer Saga: Please put down the scissors, Harvey”