Despite first-time director jitters, Snow White and the Huntsman is solid freshman effort from Rupert Sanders

Every ten to twelve years, a new director will arrive, heralded as the new go-to guy for big, stunning visuals. I think of this kind of filmmaker as the go-big-or-go-home guys, the event filmmakers who are, by and large, going to make large-scale movies with expansive, scopey palettes. Steven Spielberg is this type of director, so is James Cameron, and the last one we got was Peter Jackson, eleven years ago. Recently they’ve tried to make Zack Snyder this guy, but he thinks rape makes an acceptable fantasy; likewise, Tarsem Singh has never become this guy because he doesn’t give a shit about storytelling. But now it’s Rupert Sanders’, best known for a series of head-turning commercials for Xbox’s HALO games, turn to be judged with his freshman features effort, Snow White and the Huntsman. Continue reading “Despite first-time director jitters, Snow White and the Huntsman is solid freshman effort from Rupert Sanders”

Short notes and brief thoughts

Angelina: Sister-Wife No. 6

The Brange graced us mere mortals with their presence on the Croisette at the Cannes Film Festival on Monday in support of Brad Pitt’s new movie, Tree of Life. If you pay any kind of attention to celebrity/gossip at all, you probably know that Angelina is Sister Wife No.6 in an alternate universe, and thanks to a tear in the space-time continuum (rent apart by her alien-beauty—she is one of a small group of intergalactic travelers stranded on earth, recognizable by their extreme otherworldly beauty), these two alternate realities sometimes “cross” and influence each other. Think of it as Style Sliding Doors. Lately, the Sister-Wife reality has been leaching into Angelina with a vengeance, but it appears that for Cannes Angelina was almost able to repair the damage done to the continuum and put the Sister-Wife back where she belongs. Almost. Because while the chocolate satin Versace gown is hardly the worst thing Angelina has ever worn (although it would be more appropriate at an award show and it seems too heavy/dark for the summer on the Riviera), that is total Sister-Wife hair. We really need to figure out how to sew the continuum back together for good so that we can save Angelina from the influence of the Sister-Wife doppelganger. Continue reading “Short notes and brief thoughts”