Straight to Video Steve Presents: The Top 10 horror flicks you probably haven’t seen, but should

I don’t watch a lot of horror. It’s really nothing against the genre, it’s just that it is entirely impossible to watch horror movies and nothing else. There’s not enough time in the day. So I really only see horror movies if they cross over into the mainstream, like Cabin in the Woods, or if something about the movie distinguishes it, such as marking a new directorial talent (like Dead Snow, which appears on this list).

But it’s October, and with Halloween approaching there are horror movie marathons, DVD deals, and On Demand offers out the wazoo. So I asked my brother Steve—who is a horror aficionado—to come up with ten horror movies from the last decade that are worth watching, but that might have slid under the radar for general audiences (so no Let the Right One In or Cabin in the Woods or Paranormal Activity, because they made the mainstream. Also no Last Exorcism because that movie is ri-goddamn-diculous).

So here it is, from my resident horror expert, Steve, the ten little-seen horror flicks worth your time this Halloween.

10.  The Divide (2011)

Post-Apocalyptic Cabin Fever

As their city is being leveled by bombs from an unknown enemy, the tenants of an apartment building descend to their basement for shelter.  They represent a set of different (and conflicting) personality types that, through a slow progression to insanity, turn this basement into a nightmare on par with the destruction outside.  There is plenty of blood and intensity to keep the audience entertained and the acting (especially that of Michael Biehn of The Terminator and horror classic The Abyss) is stellar for this genre.  This is a good film for people who don’t necessarily like horror, but are intrigued by human drama.  It’s like The Real World with casualties. Continue reading “Straight to Video Steve Presents: The Top 10 horror flicks you probably haven’t seen, but should”