Interstellar is…okay


interstellar-posterHistorically, I like Christopher Nolan. I consider him one of the few true auteurs in modern cinema—auteurship being defined as more than just a distinctive visual style, but as having a unifying philosophy or narrative principle uniting a filmmaker’s work; in Nolan’s case, it’s identity and the various ways in which we shape and reveal them. But The Dark Knight Rises was a mixed bag and Inception is a case of diminishing returns—once you know how the plot works, sitting through all the exposition in that movie is an exercise in tedium. And it seems like, the bigger his movies and budgets have gotten, Nolan is maybe losing something of himself in the process, that in telling BIG stories, he’s forgetting to tell GOOD stories. Continue reading “Interstellar is…okay”

Sharlto Copley double feature: Elysium and Europa Report

I adore South African actor Sharlto Copley (District 9). I don’t understand why he isn’t in every movie. I would just cast him in everything and call it a day (wishful thinking: Sharlto Copley for Ant-Man). After a three-year drought following The A-Team, Copley is back with not one but two whole movies this summer: Neill Blomkamp’s District 9 follow-up Elysium and the found-footage sci-fi thriller Europa Report (now available on demand). I decided to make a double feature of it because they’re both sci-fi movies starring Sharlto Copley. Short review: Yes to both but manage your expectations going in. Continue reading “Sharlto Copley double feature: Elysium and Europa Report”