The upside and downside of being wrong

I don’t mind being wrong. I really don’t. It probably comes from having a really good memory for facts and a super shit memory for numbers. I was recently talking to a friend about an historical event and she asked me when it happened and I said, “I don’t know, either 1147 or 1471.” That’s my problem. I mix up numbers constantly and I’m a terrible judge of relativity. Ask me how far away something is and you’ll get, “It’s either five or fifty miles away.” I remember childhood events but have no frame of reference for when anything happened beyond, “That happened when we lived in Texas, this was when I lived in California,” et cetera. This means I’m wrong a lot. So it doesn’t bug me when I make a prediction and it doesn’t come true. Sometimes, I actually really like it. Continue reading “The upside and downside of being wrong”