The Hollywood Read ep. 70

This week we’re discussing the epic flop of Quibi, Jeffrey Katzenberg’s ill-fated streaming platform. Is it failing because of the pandemic? Or is it failing because Jeffrey Katzenberg’s Hollywood approach is all wrong for what is, essentially, a social media competitor? Join us as we break down Quibi’s breakdown!

Benjamin Wallace on Quibi:

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The Hollywood Read ep. 61

As we enter the fourth week of lockdown, one question is on our minds: you’re bored, but are you bored enough for Quibi? This week marks the debut of the much-touted Quibi streaming platform, developed for short-form entertainment. After discussing the latest in coronavirus updates, including Disney’s optimistic reset for their 2020 slate, we break down Quibi’s debut shows, and ponder whether or not anyone is bored enough to watch any of it.

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