Somebody please give Jake Gyllenhaal a deserving franchise

I have two separate reviews of Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. The first is that, as a vehicle for Jake Gyllenhaal it succeeds 100%. I was worried about Gyllenhaal as an action star, not because he can’t act–because he can–but because, despite his good looks, I’ve never seen him as a viable action hero. I should have remembered Jarhead. Gyllenhaal has an amazing physicality and he isn’t modest about stomping around half-nekkid for our entertainment. I was expecting his accent to drive me crazy, but despite what the few spots of dialogue in the trailer show, he actually does a credible job with a lower-class English accent. And the hair wasn’t as bad as I expected either, since most of the time it was either sweat-soaked or flying around his head during an action sequence. It looked a lot less flat-ironed in the movie than it did in still shots from the set. Combine his willingness to go beefcake with his very real acting talent, and Gyllenhaal definitely has what it takes. He can sell cheese and his abilities both latent and physical get him through some pretty bad dialogue. Lesser actors have been hugely successful action stars–I’d like to see the genuinely talented Gyllenhaal succeed in this role rather than, say, the barely-evolved Channing Tatum. Continue reading “Somebody please give Jake Gyllenhaal a deserving franchise”

Truly terrible trailers

The Daily Beast recently ran a feature of the spring’s “25 Hottest Movies”, and while browsing through the trailers for upcoming releases, I realized something. There are some really terrible trailers out there. I mean, trailers so bad they are actively turning me off of the movie they’re advertising. In some cases I think it’s a matter of cutting a good trailer being a dying art, but in others I think the movie itself is probably pretty bad. Let’s a take a look at some of the worst in movie advertising. Continue reading “Truly terrible trailers”