Magic Mike and Ted: Two completely different movies

Obvious statement, I know. But true. Let’s start with Ted.

It’s way funnier than I was expecting. The thing that worried me about Ted was director and co-writer Seth MacFarlane. I’m not a huge MacFarlane fan. Not that he can’t be funny—he can be hilarious—it’s just that he tends to wear thin after a bit. Even one episode of Family Guy can feel like too much at times. So how would a ninety minute movie go down? Surprisingly well.

Ted is about a kid, John, who wishes his teddy bear would come to life, and it does. MacFarlane voices the bear, and Mark Wahlberg plays the grown-up John, with Mila Kunis (longtime MacFarlane collaborator and the voice of Meg on Family Guy) as his girlfriend, Laurie. Of course, Laurie ultimately insists John and Ted go their separate ways, tired of how Ted drags John down. It’s a standard plot, but the friendship between John and Ted is so well fleshed out that it never feels old or recycled.Continue reading “Magic Mike and Ted: Two completely different movies”