Cloud Atlas is an exercise in your movie-going patience

I liked Cloud Atlas, but I also didn’t like Cloud Atlas. Co-directed by Andy and Lana Wachowski (The Matrix trilogy) and Tom Tkywer (Run Lola Run), there’s a lot to enjoy—its visually rich, complex settings, the interlocking stories that stack and collapse together like a Jenga tower, the truly fine performances from a dream team cast, the technical contributions such as the score, the cinematography, and the brilliant editing done by Alexander Berner (The Debt, The Three Musketeers), who ought to go from jobbing editor to one of the most in-demand talents in his field with this work. But there are some major sticking points, namely that the actors each portray multiple characters with varying levels of success and that of the six stories presented, only three are actually entertaining. Continue reading “Cloud Atlas is an exercise in your movie-going patience”