Fall Movie Preview: November 2014

November 7

Big Hero 6

Disney Animation dipped into Marvel’s well for an obscure comic book title that they’ve turned into this animated insta-classic about a boy, Hiro, and his robot companion, Baymax. Early reviews have been strong and advanced buzz is so good this might actually upset Interstellar at the box office.

The real story, though, is that Big Hero 6 was made without much participation from Marvel Studios—allegedly the top creatives didn’t want Disney producing anything outside the MCU—which has led to some ill will between Marvel and its parent company.

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Fall Movie Preview: November 2013

Now denoting day-and-date video on demand releases! Because seeing good movies is easier than ever!

November 1

About Time

As a big fan of both Notting Hill and Love Actually, I’m really looking forward to Richard Curtis’ latest, a time travel rom-com-dram starring Rachel McAdams, Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter’s Bill Weasley), and Bill Nighy. Reviews have been mixed-to-good, but honestly, the romantic movie market is so starved for quality content that even a mediocre movie with charming leads (as this appears to be) is very welcome. It also offers nice counter-programming to the other wide releases (it goes wide on the eighth) this month, which are mostly of the blockbuster variety as we approach the holiday “little season” of tent poles.


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