I totally forgot it was Golden Globes Day

When T texted me this morning about the nomination rundown, I said (out loud) to myself, “Oh shit, I forgot about that.” Then I said (also out loud, because I talk to myself), “Can we stop acting like the Globes mean anything so I don’t have to care about this?”

Say what you will about the Oscars—and I do say plenty—at the end of the day, the Academy is trying to nominate and reward excellence in filmmaking. Like any large body politic, there are varying opinions on what qualifies as “excellence”, but the Academy often goes for little movies no one saw over blockbusters that draw ratings because they genuinely feel like ratings shouldn’t matter in the process (well, some of them feel that way). But the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, a shadowy organization with almost no transparency, has increasingly become a group driven by the desire to be the biggest party on the block, with the most glittering people in glittering dresses, quality and artistic merit be damned. Case in point: Madonna’s universally derided W.E. received multiple nominations. Continue reading “I totally forgot it was Golden Globes Day”