Spring Movie Preview: March

We leave behind the bone yards of January and February for the doldrums of March. Things get marginally better this month, thanks largely to the first round of festival pickings from TIFF holdovers and Sundance premieres, but the mainstream offerings remain decidedly slim. This is the stuff that wouldn’t cut it in the more competitive summer months, like “Gerard Butler saves the White House” and “G.I. Joe but with Bruce Willis and The Rock this time” and “Please like this as much as you liked Twilight”. March is always a weird month to me because there are genuinely good movies on offer, but there’s a lot of studio dross, too.

March 1

21 and Over

Half as grown up as The Hangover and twice as funny as Project X. Just once I’d like to see a young Asian character in a movie NOT trying to get into med school.

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Spring movie preview: March

I am the WORST. Totally forgot to do this for February. But that’s probably best since it just would have been me trying to find different ways to say “This movie sucks ass” for two thousand words. Anyway, we’re on to March now, and the movies are taking a dramatic upturn for the better. This year, March is something of a “little summer” season, with a couple of potential blockbusters, and one movie I am dying to see…which is actually coming out in April. Continue reading “Spring movie preview: March”