Covering the magazine covers with Kristen Stewart

You know Kristen Stewart is my #1 girlcrush, so take the following with a grain of salt. I’m not exactly impartial.

The Twilight: Breaking Dawn part 1 press machine is ramping up and Stewart is on the cover of a couple magazines this month (last month she covered W in a pleasing, retro-sex kitten photoshoot). The first cover is for Glamour and it’s a pretty photoshoot with largely uninteresting fashion. I do like the lace booty shorts but overall I find the styling to be functional and uninspiring. Ditto for the interview that was conducted by Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. Of course, anyone looking to Glamour and Stephenie Meyer for an in-depth interview has a screw loose, so for what the magazine is, I find Stewart’s appearance to be par for the course. She does look very pretty and has some excellent hair-wind working in the photos. Continue reading “Covering the magazine covers with Kristen Stewart”

Covering the magazine covers with Taylor Swift and Shia LaBeouf


Look, I don’t think Taylor Swift is the worst person ever. So if you’re going to come at me with “leave Taylor alone!” I want you to keep in mind that I don’t dislike her. She just annoys me. I’m not crazy about her “music”, but then I’m not thirteen years old, so I don’t think I’m supposed to enjoy it. And her “acting” is um…well awful. There’s no way around that. But on the whole—she’s not stumbling drunk out of clubs, sans panties, at 3 AM. She’s not drinking and driving. If I had a daughter, I wouldn’t mind if she liked/admired Taylor Swift. There are certainly worse influences in the world. Continue reading “Covering the magazine covers with Taylor Swift and Shia LaBeouf”