The Grey is better than it has any right to be

I really still want to be talking about Sherlock, but I guess I can manage to tear myself away for a few minutes and talk about The Grey instead.

When I started seeing trailers for The Grey last year, I thought what everyone thought: This movie might as well be called Liam Neeson Punches Wolves. It looked like his “Liam Neeson Vendetta Project” films (thank you for that, Mindy Kaling), except with wolves. There’s even a scene where he tapes broken glass to his fists and face-punches a wolf! It did not look like a good movie. And it was coming out in January, which just reinforced that impression. But then I saw The Grey and I found myself thinking that the January release was a horrible idea and it should be coming out in September or October (there is talk of an October re-release in hopes of getting Oscar consideration in 2013). Because The Grey is way, way better than any January  movie has a right to be. Continue reading “The Grey is better than it has any right to be”