Bradley who? It’s all about Sharlto.

So The A-Team was pretty much like Prince of Persia: not a great movie but entertaining. I laughed for two hours and everything blew up. Also like Prince of Persia, The A-Team had criminally bad marketing. Based on the advertising, I suspected The A-Team would be a shitty and ridiculous action movie that I would love anyway because it’s just so preposterous, which it was, but who knew it was that funny? Who knew, going off the ads, that The A-Team was a comedy? A real comedy, like they set up jokes and punchlines on purpose, not just achieving unintentional comedy through the badness of their movie? The A-Team was a bromance comedy (bromcom?) with guns and dynamites. Why didn’t they sell it that way? Continue reading “Bradley who? It’s all about Sharlto.”