Catching Fire: A Franchise Betterment Program

jennifer-lawrence-catching-fire-poster-610x903The Hunger Games wasn’t terrible. When I reviewed it last year, I liked it well enough, though I did note that 1) it was too long and/or poorly paced and 2) director Gary Ross was more of a hindrance than a help. Well, the sequel, Catching Fire, fixed both of those problems. Ross is out and though the movie still clocks in at two hours, twenty minutes-plus, the pacing is so much better that it isn’t a grind to sit through. Replacing Ross this time out is Francis Lawrence (Water for Elephants, I Am Legend), and screenwriters Simon Beaufoy (127 Hours, Slumdog Millionaire) and Michael Arndt (Toy Story 3). The original cast is all back, headed up by America’s pretend girlfriend, Jennifer Lawrence, along with a few new, and very welcome, additions. Continue reading “Catching Fire: A Franchise Betterment Program”