The Hollywood Read ep. 18

THR LogoThis week we dive into British royal gossip and the rumors of a feud between the houses of Cambridge and Sussex. Wherefore? What happened? What IS the grand unifying theory of British gossip? We get into all of it, jumping off from Nicole Cliffe’s tweet about the whole mess and getting into the British press’s abominable treatment of Meghan Markle. We speculate wildly and make grand assumptions, so join us for our completely hypothetical discussion about the British royal family and the plethora of gossip stories they produce.

Nicole Cliffe’s inciting tweet:

Kayleigh on Twitter: @Ceilidhann

Sarah on Twitter: @Cinesnark

William and Kate get hitched

My alarm went off at 2:45 AM. After crying for a couple minutes over the ungodly hour, I got up and flipped on my TV to watch Prince William and Kate Middleton get married. In all, it was a lovely, if staid, wedding. I liked the trees they used inside Westminster abbey, instead of giant flower arrangements, and I loved Kate’s wedding gown. Very princess-appropriate without being sixty pounds of crystal-encrusted taffeta poof. You ever notice that real princesses wear fairly plain gowns (at most you get some poof and/or lace), while girls who fancy themselves princesses wear unholy creations of tulle? Continue reading “William and Kate get hitched”