The Hollywood Read ep. 85

On the heels of announcing a four-year deal with Netflix, David Fincher lobbed some truth bombs at his peers and the current state of the film industry, which always makes for a fun time within the film community. But first, we discuss Mads Mikkelsen taking over for Johnny Depp as Grindelwald in Fantastic Beasts 3, and then we get into Fincher and his many incendiary comments about other filmmakers. Join us!

Read David Fincher’s many hot takes.

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The Hollywood Read ep. 84

Johnny Depp officially lost his libel case in the UK, which means he is now a huge liability for the studios who hired him. Which is why, unsurprisingly, he was asked to leave the Fantastic Beasts franchise. We discuss Depp’s legal woes, the unbelievable personal mistake that was taking on the UK libel court, and what went wrong with the Fantastic Beasts franchise, and why it can’t be saved, no matter who plays Grindelwald. Join us!

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Well The Lone Ranger sucked

lone_ranger_posterI’m not surprised. I expected it to be big and dumb loud, and it is big and dumb and loud. (I did expect it to do better business, though.) What did surprise me about The Lone Ranger is that, under all the dross, there was the kernel of a good movie. At the heart of The Lone Ranger, which was the equivalent of watching a child hurl food on the floor in a fancy restaurant, was an R-rated, Tarantino-style revenge flick called Tonto that would have been awesome. Unfortunately, the movie that actually got made was Trains!: How the West Was Fun.Continue reading “Well The Lone Ranger sucked”