The Hollywood Read ep. 49

We’re back! We’re kicking off 2020 by breaking down the two biggest movies of the holiday season: Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker and Cats. One disappointed us and the other drove us completely insane, as both movies challenge the very notion of what is “good”, what is “bad”, and what even ARE “Jellice cats”. No seriously, what ARE they? Do they look like that to EVERYONE? Or just to each other? Join us as we scrape together the remnants of our sanity and talk Star Wars and Cats!

Super 8 is super great


So Super 8 is a movie that didn’t reveal a ton of information through marketing, and no one involved with the production was saying much at all about it, which left everyone guessing what it would be like. Based on the marketing, it was drawing comparisons to ET, the little bit I could drag out of anyone connected to the film involved Stand By Me, but when I saw it last night, I thought it was most like the 1980’s best movie, The Goonies. Continue reading “Super 8 is super great”