Movies I want to see that are not being made

Don’t you love it when you hear about a movie finally getting made that you’ve been dying to see? Usually these are book adaptations or sequels, but occasionally it’s just a project you’ve heard about that sounds awesome. Over the last decade I’ve enjoyed the Harry Potter franchise, and this year we finally get to see Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland, after what feels like a one hundred year wait. These days we don’t usually have to wait long for a beloved story to come to the big screen, thanks to advances in technology. What was once unfilmable is now completely doable. (Except for Watchmen—that really was unfilmable and should’ve been left alone.) However, there are still those projects that linger in development hell, teasing us with possibilities and might-have-beens. Here are a few movies I’d like to see go into production. Continue reading “Movies I want to see that are not being made”