Days of Future Past is the (nonsensical) X-Men movie we’ve been waiting for

DOFP posterAs you read this review, please keep in mind that I loved X-Men: Days of Future Past. It’s everything a summer movie should be—fun, engaging, funny, exciting, entertaining, full of likeable characters and stakes that feel like they matter. I’m about to say a lot of stuff that’s actually critical of the movie, so it’s important to remember that DOFP works in spite of itself, and it’s tremendously fun along the way. It’s just that it makes no fucking sense. Continue reading “Days of Future Past is the (nonsensical) X-Men movie we’ve been waiting for”

You were right, I was wrong: James McAvoy edition

A couple of years ago (WHERE DOES TIME GO?), I wrote a top-ten piece listing who I believed to be the best actors under 40. I stand by the list, but for one exclusion. Back then, a bunch of people yelled at me for not including James McAvoy, even though I mentioned him in the opening as a worthy candidate—he was a top twenty pick! It’s not like I graffitied “James McAvoy sux” on a railway car. I like the guy, I just didn’t think, at that time, that he was one of the absolute best actors under forty.

Well, you were right, and I was wrong. Continue reading “You were right, I was wrong: James McAvoy edition”