Winter Movie Preview: December

Did I forget to do this for November? Yes! Do I care? No! Will I ever remember to do these on time? Maybe!

On to the movies of December, a month crowded by hopeful holiday hits and last-minute Oscar bait.

December 7

Cheerful Weather for the Wedding

Done up in the style of a 1930’s comedy of manners, Weather is not getting the best reviews. That’s an incredibly hard style of film to mimic—we’re entirely too cynical as an audience these days—though by all accounts the period details are outstanding. Felicity Jones (Like Crazy) stars as Dolly, a bride holed up upstairs on her wedding day, battling a case of cold feet. Downstairs are her groom, Owen (James Norton, An Education), her ex, Joseph (Luke Treadaway, Attack the Block), and her mother, Countess Cora herself (Downton Abbey’s Elizabeth McGovern), who is determined to see the wedding is not derailed. Though I’m a big fan of Mackenzie Crook (The Office, Pirates of the Caribbean), this doesn’t hold much interest for me.

Recommend instead: Death at a Funeral (the proper English version).


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