Iron Man 3 just ate the box office

iron-man-3-03First, right off the top, what did you think about Iron Man 3? Did it live up to the hype? How much did you love RDJ punking off that little kid? How much did you want to own Pepper Potts’ wardrobe? Were you actually kind of sad when DUM-E and Butterfingers fell into the ocean? Or any time the Mark 42 got dinged up in combat? I have always been impressed with the filmmakers’ ability to anthropomorphize the suits and Tony’s robot pals, and it paid off in that hella amazing sequence of Tony’s house plummeting into the ocean (so long, coolest movie house of all time), and the quick shot of the two robot friends trying to hold onto one another as they fell. There’s an ongoing conversation about whether or not Iron Man 3 is better than Iron Man, but I put them on the same level. Iron Man is stronger narratively and has a much better ending, but Iron Man 3 took bigger risks and had a more distinctive aesthetic thanks to director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang). Continue reading “Iron Man 3 just ate the box office”

Summer Movie Preview: May 2013

Let’s pretend like I didn’t forget to do this for April and almost May, too. Good? Good!

May 3

Generation Um

I suppose this is one of those “Generation X grew up to be so annoying, am I right?” movies. It’s about three different people spread across Manhattan on a single day, and one of those people is Keanu Reeves. It looks spectacularly uninteresting.


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Tony Stark finds new ways to surprise on his third time out

iron_man_3_poster_finalIron Man 3 is the fourth time—fifth if you count this—that we’ve seen Robert Downey, Jr. as Tony Stark. At this point, there is no avoiding the touch of franchise fatigue that haunts the latest in Marvel’s “Cinematic Universe”, Iron Man 3. But, amazingly, for all that Tony and his world feel well-worn and lived in, Iron Man 3 manages to surprise and delight in turns, bringing an unexpected freshness to the official start of Marvel’s Phase Two. It’s a bit like a pair of old jeans you’d forgotten fit, only to put them on one day and realize—hey, these jeans make my ass look great! Iron Man 3 makes Tony Stark’s ass look great. Continue reading “Tony Stark finds new ways to surprise on his third time out”