Summer movie preview: June 2012

Well…May was kind of a bust. The Avengers was good. I’m looking forward to Moonrise Kingdom inching its way closer and closer to my local arthouse. But everything else kind of made me want to kill myself. Here’s hoping June is better—it’s already stronger for GI Joe: Retaliation being kicked to 2013 (partly to allow for reshoots to undo the fact that Channing Tatum got killed in the first five minutes, and partly to convert to 3D, but mostly because it blows chunks and Paramount stands a better chance of not taking a box office bath in fiery acid in the softer month of March).

Worth noting that there are a lot of strong indies coming out this month. You might have to exert yourself a little, but there are good movies to be seen. Continue reading “Summer movie preview: June 2012”