The Second Annual Ethel Awards

ethelLast year I introduced the Ethel Awards (so called because “Oscar” sounds like a grumpy old man and “Ethel” a grumpy old lady), in which we revisit Oscars past to correct the Academy’s many errors in giving out the little gold man. There are only two rules: 1) At least five years must have lapsed before the ceremony is eligible for revision, and 2) as much as possible, I try to make the corrections from the available pool of nominees, but if the oversight was so egregious that the deserving film wasn’t even nominated, I reserve the right to award non-nominated films. Last year, I revisited the 1999 Academy Awards and this year we’re taking a look at the 73rd Academy Awards, honoring movies released in 2000, or, The Year of Gladiator. As before, we’re redoing all the categories except the shorts, song and documentary. Please note that 2000 was before Best Animated Feature was introduced as a category. That happened one year later for 2001 films. Continue reading “The Second Annual Ethel Awards”