The Ides of March is a pointed look at zzzzzzzz

Okay, here’s the thing. I liked The Ides of March. I liked Good Night and Good Luck, too, so George Clooney’s methodical directorial style doesn’t irk me. It’s just that it’s hard to have a lot of enthusiasm for his efforts after the fact. Like, I saw Ides and I liked Ides but I don’t care if I never see it again. I don’t care if you ever see it. It’s not mandatory viewing. It’s just…there.

Clooney makes procedurals. Procedurals are, at their heart, boring. This is why so many cop dramas feature a loose cannon and/or self-destructive detective. You need a wild and crazy guy to enliven the proceedings. Clooney, as a director, has a very clean and controlled style. He doesn’t get bogged down in emotions or overly-elaborate ruses to make the audience care about his characters. In fact, he directs as if he really doesn’t give a shit if you like anyone in the movie or not. He also doesn’t indulge in the stock loose cannon character. The closest we get in Ides is when Stephen (Ryan Gosling) loses his job and you’re not sure who he’s going to screw over first. But that’s just it—we all know Stephen is going to seek revenge and we know what the instrument of that revenge will be.Continue reading “The Ides of March is a pointed look at zzzzzzzz”