Due Date: Between Two Ferns is completely genius

We’ve all seen bad celebrity interviews. All celebrities, at some point, deliver a bad interview. They’re tired or otherwise stressed and they have that one bad interview that will be the subject of entertainment shows and blogs for the next several days. Some celebrities are just bad at press—the shy ones, the combative ones, the defensive ones. They can work on it and learn behaviors to help them, but some of them just aren’t made for the press machine. I don’t hold that against those types of celebrities. They can’t help it, the same way I can’t help sucking at math. I do hold it against them when they don’t learn to cope—press is a big part of the job, after all—because if I can learn to use a calculator a shy celebrity can learn to get through a three minute interview without losing her shit. Continue reading “Due Date: Between Two Ferns is completely genius”