Fall Movie Preview: October 2017

October 6

Blade Runner 2049

A sequel to the sci-fi classic that looks gorgeous but may prove as polarizing as the original. Super into the combo of Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling, though.

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Fall Movie Preview: September 2017

It’s September, which means it’s time for a weird mix of leftover summer fare and early Oscar bait.

September 1

Tulip Fever

The Weinstein Company has pulled this movie off the schedule so much I’m not convinced it’s actually going to come out this time, either.

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Fall Movie Preview 2010: November

November 5

127 Hours


James Franco is a good actor. A very good actor. Man, he can really act. Sometimes you forget how good he is at acting because he’s kind of just mediocre at everything else he does. But boy, James Franco really is an important talent in his generation. He’s so eminently watchable. Handsome but not pretty, charismatic yet aloof, intellectual but not boring. And in 127 Hours, it’s pretty much all Franco, all the time as he portrays mountain climber Aron Ralston, the man who survived over five days trapped, alone, in a canyon after falling during a free-climb and being pinned under a rock. If you haven’t heard, Ralston amputated his own arm with a small utility knife in order to save his life and climb to safety. It’s an amazing story of man’s animal will to survive and specifically, Ralston’s indomitable spirit. They say Franco is a revelation, that this performance will define him forever. Continue reading “Fall Movie Preview 2010: November”