Straight to Video Steve presents: Evil Dead

Our resident horror expert, my big brother Steve, is back with a review of the new remake of the 1980’s horror classic Evil Dead. This movie has been pretty divisive with fans and critics, but Steve, a seasoned viewer of horror cinema, loved it. He even went so far as to demand it be seen in theaters, saying it creates the kind of fear-frenzy that makes watching horror movies so fun.

evil_dead_2013Being somewhat of a horror nerd (Sarah: Read—he’s a huge horror nerd), I’ve watched numerous documentaries on the genre where guys like Tom Savini, Wes Craven, and John Carpenter describe the atmosphere at the original screenings of their movies.  The mood is electric.  Nervous tension runs rampant.  Screams and flying popcorn litter the air…the audience is genuinely scared.  This is the experience I want to have when going to a horror flick and Fede Alvarez’s version of the Sam Raimi classic, Evil Dead, delivers just that. Continue reading “Straight to Video Steve presents: Evil Dead”