Fall movie preview: November 2011

We’re getting into crunch time for award season. Releases are picking up throughout the month, including a behemoth mid-month that will suck up all the money.

November 4

Five Star Day

Cam Gigandet (Twilight) stars in this undoubtedly awful movie about a dude who gets a perfect horoscope on his birthday but it turns out his birthday sucks. So he sets off to find other people born on the same day and find out if their birthday sucked as bad as his did. I’ll go out on a limb and say he falls in love with whomever Jena Malone (Sucker Punch) plays. This movie kicked around the festival circuit for more than a year—never a good sign.

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Summer Movie Preview: August 2011

August 5

The Change Up

When I reviewed Horrible Bosses earlier this summer, I noted that I wanted someone to let Jason Bateman be more than the straight man in a comedy. I should have qualified my statement—I want someone to let Bateman be more than the straight man in a good comedy. The Change-Up looks awful, which is counter-intuitive as I like Bateman and Leslie Mann (Funny People and wife of Judd Apatow), and I enjoy Ryan Reynolds in comedic roles more than I do in serious ones. We won’t speak of Olivia Wilde, who brings her incredibly bad luck (everything she’s in tanks) with her. Yet The Change-Up looks terrible. Why? Because body-switching comedies aren’t funny. The only switch comedy that’s funny is Trading Places and that has a lot to do with Eddie Murphy in his prime. It also has a lot to do with the circumstances between the two primary characters being wildly different. (Don’t get on me about Big—it’s a great movie but it’s not a straight comedy.) In The Change-Up we have two good looking white dudes in privileged circumstances changing places. The single guy has kids now! The married man is dating! Haha! So funny! This is the sound of my heart breaking.

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