The Hangover is actually really dark

poster-the-hangover-part-3The Hangover Part III got crushed at the Memorial Day box office by a record-setting opening from Fast & Furious 6: Revenge of the Fast, which, I don’t care how you approach that statistic, says nothing good about our society. It was the kind of slim pickings at the cineplex that inevitably leads to someone saying, “Cinema is dying/all movies suck now”, to which I would respond that Iron Man 3 is good and still in theaters, and there is a wealth of fair-to-excellent films on offer at the arthouse. In fact, because I cannot in good faith recommend either The Hangover Part III or Fast & Furious 6: Fall of the Furious, the “What to Watch” on the home page is made up entirely of arthouse options—at least one of those movies is bound to be playing near you. (I also can’t recommend Now You See Me because it’s either not screening for critics or the screening will be pushed late so as to limit the damage early reviews can do, the schedule is still up in the air, but it’s not a good sign either way.) Continue reading “The Hangover is actually really dark”