The Hollywood Read ep. 73

Join us this week as we update the latest on The Tenet Situation, which is officially back on for a mid-pandemic release, and we break down the Emmy nominations, which don’t entirely suck. New voting rules allowed for more nominations, and encouraged a more diverse group of nominees, which makes for a somewhat more exciting show. Mostly, though, we gush about What We Do in the Shadows, one of the best comedies on television that you’re probably not watching.

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The Hollywood Read ep. 38

The Emmys happened, and despite some genuinely surprising and welcome wins, the show itself was dead boring. We discuss the winners, our favorite losers, the life expectancy of broadcast award shows, and what is Ozark, anyway? We also get into that whole Sony-Marvel make-up deal. Join us as we ponder how much longer broadcast networks will air the Emmys when they don’t actually win any Emmys.

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The Hollywood Read ep. 26

We’re taking a break from the depressing summer movie season to talk about television. We discuss Stranger Things star Gaten Matarrazo’s new “prank” show on Netflix, and with Emmy nominations underway, we discuss a problem unique to the Emmys: the same shows win every year. The only relief the sameness of the awards year to year is the Outstanding Limited Series category, which this year ought to feature our favorite show of the moment, Chernobyl. Join us as we talk Chernobyl, the Emmys, and why Jared Harris should be cast in everything.

Here’s Emily Nussbaum on the “cloying fantasia” of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

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