Noah is grand, ambitious, messy

noah-movie-posterThere is a lot to admire in Darren Aronofsky’s big-budget, large-scale epic, Noah. There’s so much to admire, in fact, that it’s hard to call it a bad movie, even if parts of it feel shoe-horned in and it’s overblown and it’s not particularly fun to watch. And no, I don’t mean that every movie has to be upbeat and positive in order to be good. 12 Years a Slave was not upbeat but I was never bored or disengaged by it. At points in Noah, I was checking my metaphorical watch (because seriously, who wears a watch anymore?) because it was about twenty minutes too long and the pacing was slightly too uneven to affix my interest for the entire run time. Continue reading “Noah is grand, ambitious, messy”