Be happy with what you’ve got

A few weeks ago I wrote for LaineyGossip that filmmakers and movie studios need to adjust their expectations for box office in this down economy. Even as signs of economic recovery become less rare, people simply aren’t spending like they once did, and so Hollywood needs to stop expecting the box office extravaganzas of a few years ago and learn to live with managed expectations. Well now I am turning this message around and delivering it to you, the fans. If you love a movie and it makes over a hundred million dollars on its opening weekend, you win. Stop counting, stop tracking, stop worrying, stop defending. YOU WIN. Continue reading “Be happy with what you’ve got”

Eclipse wasn’t totally awful

Which isn’t to say it was completely great, either. Like pretty much everything this summer, it falls somewhere between trash and treasure. Yet another merely mediocre movie. I’ll admit to being disappointed. I had Hopes for Eclipse. Hiring David Slade (Hard Candy, 30 Days of Night) to direct the third installment of the ubiquitous Twilight Saga struck me as a good decision. A promising one even, given Slade’s indie-horror roots meant he could probably get the most bang from Summit Entertainment’s notoriously cheap bucks. So I thought, If anyone can turn this franchise around, it’s gotta be David Slade. By all reports, Slade did, in fact, deliver a wildly different Twilight movie earlier this year. So different, in fact, that Summit and Twilight creator Stephenie Meyer, or She of Zero Taste, loathed it and demanded Slade re-cut, reshoot, and re-edit his film. Slade’s frequent collaborator and editor Art Jones was sacked and replaced with Twilight editor Nancy Richardson. Then came the reshoots-but-maybe-just-pickups-no-it-was-totally-reshoots just six weeks before theatrical release. That is never a good sign and had my Spidey senses tingling the same way Jonah Hex’s lack of a trailer signaled looming disaster. Except things went much better for Eclipse, because despite the post-production drama, the movie wasn’t a total loss. Continue reading “Eclipse wasn’t totally awful”