The Hollywood Read ep. 56

It was a busy week in pop culture as Harvey Weinstein was convicted of some, if not all, of the charges against him; French actress Adele Haenel walked out of the Cesar Awards in protest after Roman Polanski was awarded Best Director; in a surprise move, Bob Iger stepped down as the CEO of Disney; and Caity Weaver opened a forensic investigation into a royal Instagram mystery. Join us as we dig into these stories and try to solve Caity Weaver’s Insta mystery.

Caity Weaver’s royal Insta investigation:

The Hollywood Read ep. 46

This week we’re discussing the Department of Justice’s challenge to the Paramount Consent Decrees, something we’ve been theorizing for months. But we’re totally bummed to be right, because this is Bad For Cinema, and we’re breaking down why. We’re also talking the new trailer for Cats, and everything strange and unnerving about it.

More on the challenge to the Paramount Consent decrees: