Out of the Furnace: Familiar thriller anchored by a brilliant Bale

posterWe’ve become inured to Christian Bale’s chameleonic take on acting. From drastic weight fluctuations to elaborate prosthetic comb-overs to his in/famous “Batman voice”, Bale is a guy who goes all out for the sake of a character. So I feel it is really saying something when I tell you that his performance as Russell Baze, a barely-hanging-on blue-collar worker from the steel belt, is easily one of the best of his career to date—arguably the best. There is no body change, no funny voice, no elaborate make-up. There is just Bale, preternaturally still, playing a guy made of hopelessness and broken dreams. Out of the Furnace itself is a solid, if predictable, revenge thriller, but Bale’s performance elevates it to something more lyrical and moving than that. Continue reading “Out of the Furnace: Familiar thriller anchored by a brilliant Bale”