Angelina Jolie’s experimental, trying By The Sea

By_The_Sea_posterAngelina Jolie’s third movie as a director, By The Sea, is like a curio cabinet. The cabinet itself is very well crafted and exquisite to look at, and inside are many interesting things. But really, no matter how pretty it is, all you’re doing is pawing through some junk. The film, which is also written by Jolie, is beautiful to look at and it contains some interesting ideas and turns, but the story is so thin it’s almost non-existent. The result is an uneven film that tests viewers’ patience as holes in the narrative are filled with unhappy stares and beauty shots of the Maltese coastline (standing in for the south of France). Continue reading “Angelina Jolie’s experimental, trying By The Sea”

Moneyball hits a triple but doesn’t score the run

Okay. Let’s get this right at the beginning. I liked Moneyball. I really liked it. I thought it was a really good movie. I enjoyed watching it. This is not a negative review of Moneyball. If I had to give this movie a grade, it would be an A-. That said, I know what I am about to say is not the popular opinion. I know you will disagree with me and I know why you will disagree with me. But hear me out.

Moneyball could have been great. Could have been, and wasn’t. And I resent that a little. Continue reading “Moneyball hits a triple but doesn’t score the run”