The Hollywood Read ep. 35

With the summer movie season winding down, we take a look back at the winners and losers of blockbuster season, which is mostly “Disney”, and “everyone else”. And we look ahead to TIFF, and the non-blockbusters that will, hopefully, garner SOME box office in the five seconds Disney doesn’t have a movie coming out. We also dive into Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood, and debate is effectiveness and that controversial ending. Spoilers ahoy!

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Arthouse Audit: Tree of Life & Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I waited to review Cave of Forgotten Dreams until I could pair it with The Tree of Life. I finally got to Tree of Life over the weekend, so now I  can hammer out these two reviews together. First, let’s talk about Terrence Malick’s (The Thin Red Line) long-awaited Tree of Life. After a much-ballyhooed two-year delay in post-production—Malick is a notorious tinkerer who would probably still be editing his first feature film, Badlands (1973) today if left to his own devices. In a forty-year career, Malick has completed five feature films. His sixth just shot last year in Oklahoma and is estimated for a 2012 release, and there are plans for a seventh film to immediately follow. This burst of three films in three years—assuming Malick sticks to the schedule—is the most prolific he’s ever been. Continue reading “Arthouse Audit: Tree of Life & Cave of Forgotten Dreams”